耀眼厚禮 質感尊榮Glittering valuable gift that says quality and high honorまばゆい上質な贈り物 尊い上品なあなたへ


In this glittering and delicate Gift Box 1 are five WU ER snacks and two types of WU ER teas. The gift box conveys the value and sincerity that you wish to offer. The gold lettering in the middle of the package delivers your unique elegance and stature. The exterior of the gift box is as worth tasting and collecting as are the contents in the box.

Black Sesame Crisp 132g
Peanut Crisp [Crunchy solid] 168g
Pine nut Osmanthus Cake 165g
Black sesame cake 420g
Puffed Rice Mixed Nuts 145g
Rose Herbal Tea, 6 tea bags
Chamomile Herbal Tea, 6 tea bags



產品規格Product specifications製品仕様

  • 包裝尺寸:Package dimension:パッケージサイズ:W32cmx L36.5cm x H8.2cm
  • 商品成分:Product ingredients:商品成分:-
  • 商品重量:Product weight:製品の重量:2290公克±5%2290g±5%2290グラム±5%
  • 產地:Country of origin:原産地:台灣Taiwan台湾
  • 保存方式:Storage:保存方法:常溫Room temperature常温で保存
  • 保存期限:Shelf life:保存期限:點心類9個月/茶類12個月Snacks: 9 months / Teas: 12 monthsお菓子9ヶ月/お茶12ヶ月
  • 有效日期:Expiration date:賞味期限:標示於外包裝上Marked on the outer package外装に表示